Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze (Jan, 1955)

This is actually a really good idea. Most fans have really irritating and balky aiming mechanisms. Where can I buy one of these?

Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze

You can turn a desk lamp into a ventilating unit with a recent German invention. It’s a compact fan that screws into any light-bulb socket. The three propeller blades are plastic and the device comes in a variety of colors.

  1. Steve says: October 24, 20071:43 pm

    Hi, good site. I buy such ventilator 10 Years befor in a Furnitur-Market (IKEA?)

    Sincerly Steve

  2. larry gropper says: November 6, 200712:23 am

    where is this available?

  3. Al Bear says: April 13, 20088:43 am

    My god! I saw those for sale only one time ever at Woolworth (when they were still around) in 1885. I was 12 years old and had no money. *sigh* I so much wanted one, I have not seen them eversince then, I have been looking for them too! Please, if anyone has seen them for sale, please tell me where!

  4. Charlie says: April 13, 20082:20 pm

    Wow Al, you’re remarkably cogent for a 135 year old!

  5. Al Bear says: April 14, 20081:24 pm

    Crap! I meant, 1985 😉

  6. Ben B says: October 28, 20092:13 pm

    hi everyone, my grandmother past away recently and amongst her stuff i found two of these fans bulb things LOL! they havn’t been used, well hadn’t because i tried one out. It worked perfectly and i was amazed these items where not being used now! I have been told they may be vintage, but the are defiantly worth somthing now. I will put one up for sale on ebay or gumtree very soon but if you would like to get there first please email me at [email protected]. cheers.

  7. Dan says: December 5, 20091:58 pm

    I just did an extension on my home with three recessed Celing lights. I would like to put one of these fans into the Center light… Did anyone ever find a place where they might be sold?
    You can contact me at [email protected]

  8. Travis says: November 18, 20102:22 pm

    Hey I have one of these that I got from my grandpas house after he passed away. It is in excellent shape. For more info you can contact me at [email protected]

  9. Alex says: January 25, 201110:35 pm

    Hey Travis,I was wondering if you found a buyer for your fan as if not I would really love to buy it off you.

  10. Travis says: February 25, 20112:54 pm

    Whats up Alex, I actually haven’t found anyone yet so if you are still interested get back to me at my email adress and we can figure something out. Please be sure to say something about the fan in the subject line so i dont think it is spam lol.

  11. Alex says: February 25, 20114:11 pm

    Hell yeah I’m still interested! I’ll send you an email right now!

  12. John says: February 25, 20115:32 pm

    Apparently still being manufactured in Turkey

  13. Alex says: February 25, 20116:04 pm

    That’s perfect John! but how do I buy it? I don’t see how and I don’t won’t to have to buy a few thousand of them.

  14. John says: February 25, 20117:58 pm

    Alex: I’m sure I don’t know but it might be worth trying to contact the company

  15. Alex says: February 28, 20119:29 am

    @John I sent them an email but they have not returned it,Besides I thought Turkey used 240 not 110.

    @Travis I sent you an email a few days ago, did you get it?

  16. quantum_foos says: February 24, 20146:35 pm

    Still want one of these. There’s several versions (new and old)) I’ve found on the web, but none with contact/purchase info. My use for these is in place of the bulbs in a number of recessed ceiling lights so as to add slight movement to suspended decorative plants, or perhaps a similar slight movement to a butterfly mobile in a children’s room (so technically and aesthetically I need a compact fan that itself would be fully or at least partially recessed, and I’ll definitely need more than one!). Any hot leads? Thx!!

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