FANCY DRESS For Drinks (Apr, 1944)


by George Daniels

YOUR guests will get even more of a kick out of the refreshments you serve them if you dress up each bottle in a costume which fits the personality, shall we say, of the liquor it contains. The most difficult part of this project is getting the “stuff,” but once you have solved this problem, the rest is easy. The drawing shows you how it’s done with pints but can be adapted to fifths, too. The Russian costume is good for vodka, an Irish one for rye, Scotch for Scotch and a red devil for your favorite firewater.

Ordinary cotton material serves for the blouse of the doll shown, while jacket is velvet and plus-fours are satin. Plan dress to permit easy removal of top.

  1. Sorcerer Mickey says: September 6, 200710:05 am

    “Head and nose turned on lathe”? I don’t know – that’s a lot more trouble than I want to go to to provide my guests with “even more of a kick out of the refreshments [I] serve them.” Seems like I could just pour them doubles and save a lot of woodworking time, no?

  2. jayessell says: September 6, 200711:16 am

    Charlie… what’s that secret weapon on the cover?
    An Atomic Missile?

    It’s suppossed to be a SECRET!

  3. Julie says: September 6, 200712:15 pm

    I don’t have time for this old-world nonsense. Gimme 12 crocheted poodle toilet-paper-roll-covers and a pack of rubber bands

  4. Charlie says: September 6, 20071:07 pm

    Jay it’s actually this article:

  5. Stannous says: September 6, 20071:57 pm

    I just crochet whiskey cozies that look like little kitties and my guests are delighted!

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