Farm Tractor Is Also War Tank (Mar, 1935)

Farm Tractor Is Also War Tank
LIKE a broken down plow horse turning I into a snorting, spirited cavalry charger, a new farm tractor has been devised that can be converted into an armored tank equipped with gas and machine guns in a space of two hours.

The tractor is of the caterpillar type and is capable of surmounting anything from ditches to fallen trees. Its traction wheels are especially good for work in mud. Scrap metal was used to armor the original model.

  1. ccs center city sports says: June 25, 20081:16 pm


  2. ganmerlad says: March 21, 200911:12 am

    Crows eating your crops, kids stealing your apples, and does your neighbor look like a commie? Solve all your problems AND till your fields with this all-in-one beauty of a machine. (also great for short trips to the grocery store)

  3. JMyint says: March 21, 20097:08 pm

    So, do you think that’s where this guy got his idea.…

  4. jayessell says: March 22, 200910:38 am

    I think he saw this……
    or this……

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