Farmer Grows Pumpkins with Human Faces (Jan, 1938)

I’m not sure what’s scarier. The pumpkin head or that woman’s eyebrows.

Farmer Grows Pumpkins with Human Faces

Pumpkins with human faces have been produced by John M. Czeski, Ohio farmer, after four years of experimenting. To grow the novel fruit, Czeski fashions an aluminum mold of the head he wants to reproduce, and places it around a growing pumpkin approximately the size of a small grapefruit. After the pumpkin has expanded enough to fill the inside contours, the mold is removed. The print of the features remains as the pumpkin continues to grow, and the final result is a lifelike full-size image in the ripened fruit.

  1. Erika says: September 20, 20076:53 am

    That, whilst talented, is TRULY terrifying!

    Doesn’t it remind you of a death mask? Oh, I suppose the whole point of Halloween is to frighten people. Never mind then…

    (slinks off with her new wider feet – as a result of sandal wearing)

  2. Stannous says: September 20, 20075:22 pm

    It reminds me of [[this…

  3. Stannous says: September 20, 20075:22 pm

    It reminds me of this:…

  4. Hooper Piccalero says: September 21, 20077:35 am

    That is so cool and creepy, imagine having a series of these in time for halloween.

  5. francesca says: September 21, 20077:55 am

    very cool I can have all faces I want great idea!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorcerer Mickey says: September 21, 20071:41 pm

    Disney is growing Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins in Orlando now.…

  7. philthegardener says: September 24, 20077:16 pm

    This ties right in with the 1,000 lb. + pumpkins of today. I am searching across America for The Great Pumpkin.


  8. Vozpit says: February 11, 20087:45 pm

    Evil pumpkins! EVIL!!!

  9. michi says: October 29, 20088:25 am

    That’s so creepy!!!

  10. Perry says: August 25, 200911:49 am

    Man what I would not give to have one of Obama and Karl Marx!

  11. MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden says: October 22, 20099:11 pm

    This is way cooler than those stupid squared watermelons.

    Why isn’t anyone producing these anymore?

  12. Toronto says: October 23, 20094:26 pm

    Ask and ye shall receive:…

    (Not really for pumpkins, but for smaller veggies.)

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