Farms of Future to Have Giant Stock (Aug, 1935)

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Farms of Future to Have Giant Stock

WHAT will future ages do for food?

Some have suggested that the chemists will set up huge machines, to turn out proteins, starches, sugars, fats and vitamins, which will be taken in suitable “tabloid” doses daily by the population; that instead of farms, we will have only great chemical works, full of vats and tanks, while the outdoors is used for parking purposes exclusively.

At the recent meeting of the American Chemical Society, however, a less mechanical proposition was suggested; that, after all, plants and animals are the most efficient laboratories for the production of certain complicated organic chemicals. Instead of reducing production, we will increase it; except that, as the inventor of the steam shovel made only a super-spade, biologists will breed us super-cows, just as much more

effective. Plants, also, we may suppose, will be developed for optimum economy; putting as much as possible into fruit and as little as necessary into inedible stalks and roots. The weather, too, will be regulated: a variation in the amount of ozone in the air (done by electricity) will cut off or let through more sunlight, as the crops require. Let it not be supposed that this revolution completely does away with machinery; but the super-horse is a machine as powerful as the truck, and consuming fuel which can be raised locally. The whole, as a picture of agriculture in the year 2035, has been presented by our interplanetary artist, Paul, after reading the prophetic address of Chemist Thomas Midgley, and Wells’s “Food of the Gods.”

  1. Anne says: September 17, 200811:34 pm

    2035? That’s only a little more than a quarter century away now. Better get working on those giant plants and animals!

  2. Hip2b2 says: September 18, 20084:03 am

    To state the obvious; super-sized animals would collapse under their own weight. The strength of their legs would increase by the square (cross sectional area), while the the weight of the animal would increase by the cube.

    No need to worry about “Atomic” sized ants any more (for all you fans of bad 50’s SciFi.

  3. nlpnt says: September 18, 20089:04 am

    The farm trucks aren’t even the 1935 state of the art- doorless cabs, artillery wheels and solid tires were already on their way out by the early ’30s.

  4. slim says: September 18, 200810:21 am

    I bet those super horses and cows would produce a lot of super poop.

  5. Don says: September 18, 200811:15 am

    Imagine where this could lead . . . .…

  6. LightningRose says: September 18, 20082:45 pm

    And to think this article was published 3 full years *before* the invention of LSD-25!

  7. Kruk says: September 18, 20084:29 pm


  8. Rick says: September 18, 20085:11 pm

    Super cows, super horses . . .. BAH!! I’m still waiting for my autogyro promised to me by 2001 back in 1948!


  9. Jon says: September 18, 200811:09 pm

    Don’t most stories involving giant livestock/crops feature the huge goodies being inedible?

  10. Jim Devlin says: September 19, 20088:53 am

    Yes, the tomatoes would need tough thick skin to prevent them bursting under their own weight. The ozone generator sounds like a good idea though, even if it does resemble The Wicker Man with a bowler hat.

  11. Tracy B. says: September 25, 20083:33 pm

    In the 1970’s, Woody Allen released a movie called “Sleeper,” I only remember the giant chicken and celery– what were the other giant produce?

  12. blast says: April 12, 20099:19 pm

    The illustration is an absolute riot! Clearly, no matter how seriously the article writer took the subject, the artist (and perhaps the editor) was having none of it. The word “cockamamie” comes to mind.

  13. Fred says: May 29, 20115:04 pm

    Rather than trying to make everything bigger, just make humans smaller. That’s what the pictures look like to me.

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