Fashion Goes Nuts (Jun, 1956)

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Fashion Goes Nuts

If your girl friend develops a few new rattles this may be the reason.

COUPLE of smart girls were looking through a parts catalogue for some reason or other and arf! the idea of making costume jewelry out of standard hardware items jumped right out and bit them. That was the beginning of Geomet, a successful two-year-old business headed by Patricia Smith, an industrial designer, and Willa Percival, a photographer. Geomet jewelry is made of nuts, washers, cotter pins and simple leather thongs. For contrast some of the odds and ends are anodized to give them color. Geomet jewelry sells in specialty shops and department stores.

  1. Don says: May 23, 20112:05 am

    Hey, this is a great idea. Washers, bolts, cotter pins….but the most stylish and socially appropriate are the wing nuts.

  2. qyooqy says: May 27, 20115:07 pm

    One could really beat down an attacker with a wing nut necklace. They sell bike chain necklaces on Amazon.

  3. blast says: June 2, 20114:38 pm


  4. John says: June 2, 20114:49 pm

    blast: The idea barked as it jumped out and bit them. Get it?

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