Fast Tank – and – Plane Latest War Machine (May, 1936)

This was a followup to a 1932 article on his efforts.

Fast Tank – and – Plane Latest War Machine

Combination of a high-speed tank and a fast plane is the new war machine being developed by Walter J. Christie. In military service, the tank would be attached to the fuselage of the plane to be transported to any point desired. Upon landing, the tank would be detached, free to advance on enemy positions. The possibility of whole fleets of these tanks which may be moved quickly from one sector to another is being studied by military experts. A convertible high-speed tank invented by Christie is now under construction by the U. S. war department. With the caterpillars attached for operation in rough country, the tank is capable of sixty-five miles per hour and without caterpillars, ninety-five miles per hour. The higher speed, on the open road, would facilitate movement to a new vantage point.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 1, 20125:04 pm

    The Russians had a similar idea……

    It didn’t work for them either.

  2. Stephen says: March 2, 20126:36 am

    A fast plane with that bolted to the bottom of it would be fast no longer.

  3. Nomen Nescio says: March 2, 20126:46 am

    any tank that can be lifted easily by a plane is too lightly armored to be much of a tank. conversely, any plane that can lift a real tank is too big to land anywhere near a battlefield. (the C-5 can carry an Abrams, i believe. not many cargo planes smaller can, though.)

  4. JMyint says: March 2, 201210:38 am

    The Russian were the first to transport tanks by air (a year before this article) with the T27 tankette transport by a Tupelev TB2 bomber. The German Me 321 glider was built for the purpose of delivering the 23 ton Panzer III medium tank to the battlefield. The British Tetrarch and American M22 tanks both saw action in WW2 when delivered by glider. The C-124 Globemaster was designed around the idea that it could carry the M-24 tank. The M-24 tank delivered by air was used with some success by the French in Vietnam.

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