Faster Service (Jan, 1946)

I just like the word “Shellubrication”

Faster Service is the idea behind this new streamlined service station, designed by Shell after surveying dealers and the public. The pump is scaled down to 54″ high, about two feet lower than the usual pump, so as not to obstruct customers’ view of display room. Sales recording device is at driver’s eye level. Hose is 18 feet long. Service room is designed for complete lubrication job by operator without his taking more than 6 steps from the car.

  1. Stephen says: January 29, 20136:20 am

    “Shellubrication” reminds me of “Essolube”, “that hydrofined motor oil” which sponsored Groucho and Chico Marx’ radio show “Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel” in the 1930s.

  2. Toronto says: January 29, 20134:15 pm

    I’ve never seen that sort of pump, and I can remember “Visual” pumps with the big 5 gallon glass tops (in the sticks, on vacation, not where I lived.)

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