Feats of Ancient Japanese Taught to Modern Swimmers (Dec, 1936)

Reminds me of this.

Feats of Ancient Japanese Taught to Modern Swimmers

Swimming stunts handed down through the centuries are still taught to young swimmers in Japan. One of the ancient feats was to shoot an arrow from a bow while in deep water, this trick requiring extreme discipline and practice if any accuracy is developed. Another stunt is to wield a fan out of water in each foot while swimming.

  1. Hirudinea says: November 3, 201110:25 pm

    Ancient Japanese flippers?

  2. Repack Rider says: November 4, 201112:09 pm

    These are important skills for modern swimmers to have.

  3. Davo says: November 27, 20112:33 pm

    Why is the swimmer wearing what looks like a military hat?

  4. Darren says: November 27, 20119:51 pm

    They need to keep up with the times, now it is to shoot a rifle at a target while doing a double back flip off a diving board.

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