Feeding was such a mess until Westvaco had a doggone good idea (Apr, 1965)

Feeding was such a mess until Westvaco had a doggone good idea

Rover couldn’t care less about how his food is packaged—but Westvaco couldn’t care more. Proof: this unusual canine six-pack with a throw-it-away feeding tray for each can. Good idea? We might have an even better one for you. For more information on Westvaco packaging, technical service and graphic arts experience, write: West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 230 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10017, Dept. AD-10.

Westvaco inspirations lead to new value in paper and packaging.

West Virginia Pulp and Paper

  1. Charlene says: October 11, 201112:07 am

    Name me a dog that wouldn’t eat the “throw-away” feeding tray.

  2. Hirudinea says: October 11, 201110:14 am

    Now I can get a six-pack for me and the dog, and we don’t have to share!

  3. tb says: October 11, 201111:34 am

    Recycling wasn’t an issue then; doubtful this would be a winner today. Although Charlene said it best “What dog wouldn’t eat the tray?”. I’m sometimes surprised mine doesn’t eat his ceramic dish.

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 11, 20116:47 pm

    @Charlene: That might be considered a bonus! Nothing for you to pick up or clean, the dog gets some fiber in its diet – win, win!

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