Fever Machine Treats Rheumatism by Short Wave Radio (Apr, 1932)

So basically, you’re microwaving your arm?

Fever Machine Treats Rheumatism by Short Wave Radio

THE treatment of rheumatism by short wave radio is among the benefits which radio engineers have bestowed upon modern medicine.

An instrument which makes this possible was demonstrated before scientists recently in New York. Known as the “Radiotherm,” the device works on the same principle as a short wave transmitter. The generator is contained in the cabinet, while the radiating discs act as an antenna.

The “Radiotherm” can produce artificial temperatures as high as 98 to 105 degrees. More than 500 treatments have been given.

  1. Casandro says: May 19, 200810:08 pm

    That actually is still done today.

  2. Anne says: May 20, 20083:31 pm

    Over 500 treatments have been done. Thus, this must be safe.

  3. Toronto says: May 20, 20084:49 pm

    I’ve had “long wave” therapy, but never shortwave. Then again, they might have been calling it long wave to distinguish it from microwave.

    Mmmmm – my knee smells like bacon…

  4. Max says: May 20, 20087:41 pm

    76 years later, radio is once again in the news for a possible medical application:


  5. Alan B. Barley says: October 29, 20109:39 pm

    Jump forward to 1957: Short article on the uses & history of radio induced heating

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