Fewer People Live To Be Old (Jan, 1930)

Fewer People Live To Be Old

THE surprising idea that human life is growing shorter instead of longer, recently suggested by Professor C. H. Forsyth of Dartmouth College, receives unexpected corroboration from statistics of people living to be over 100 years old in the British Isles, compiled recently by Dr. Maurice Ernest of the Centenarian Club, in London. In 1881, Dr. Ernest finds, England possessed 141 centenarians, Scotland had 57 and the present territories of the Irish Free State reported 566. In 1921, which year represents the most recent complete census, the corresponding figures were 110 in England, 35 in Scotland and approximately 120 in the Irish Free State. It is conceivable, Dr. Ernest notes, that the larger numbers of centenarians reported in the earlier years may have been due to false claims of extreme old age made by the persons themselves and not checked as carefully as now. Women who live beyond a hundred appear to be twice as numerous as men.

  1. Noah says: March 25, 201110:20 am

    Here’s an article about the first guy they mentioned. http://books.google.com…

  2. Daniel Rutter says: March 25, 201111:20 pm

    The title should of course be “Fewer People Live To Be Very, VERY Old”, even if the records are accurate, which the article acknowledges they may not be.

    Many claims of prodigious age can definitely be blamed on faulty record-keeping or outright deception. Some allegedly-very-old people, even today, are just inflating their age for fame, or honestly forgetful and without proper documentation of their birth. Others have at some point assumed the identity of an older, usually deceased, relative, for reasons like escaping the age range in which one can be drafted into the military. If a 26-year-old promotes himself to an official 46 years of age to dodge the draft, he could quite easily live to, allegedly, be 100.

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