Fifteen New Ideas for the Housewife (Aug, 1930)

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Fifteen New Ideas for the Housewife

A handy receptacle to hang on the wall near the kitchen stove. It has three pockets to contain kettle covers and keep them within reach, thus saving steps.

Where to put the hot lid of a baking dish is an annoying question, conveniently answered by a metal holder that clamps to the side of the dish. It holds lid securely against danger of breakage.

Getting around an ironing board in a small kitchen is always a serious problem. This new board, which works on a swivel, solves the difficulty by swinging out of the way so the work is easily accessible.

Out from the side of this automatic toaster pops the golden-brown toast. A timing apparatus is easily adjusted to give satisfaction to individual tastes. Pushing down ejector lever turns on the current

No baby can come down plump if the window is guarded with this strong wire sash. It can be adjusted to size of any window; screws hold it firm.

This sandwich toaster can be transformed, in the twinkling of an eye, into a double griddle and utilized for cooking pancakes or frying eggs, steaks, or bacon.

An aluminum handle with bristles of bronze wire makes this scouring brush unusually light and also strong enough to clean thoroughly. In addition it saves the hands from grease and also eliminates the discomfort of handling metal wool.

These vases are not what they seem. They really are made of rubber and are unbreakable. Moreover, they can be re-formed into some other shape if you desire by simply turning the edges into different curves, as shown in the illustration at the left.

A new kind of radiator for house heating has an electric fan built into it to distribute the heated air. One of the new types, an all-electric model shown at right, needs no central heating plant to operate it. Another, shown in diagram below, connects to usual steam or hot water pipes.

With this combination shaker, when you get the salt the pepper comes with it, as they are held in the same utensil in separate compartments. A touch of the proper handle, seen at right, releases the seasoning. On account of the extra large size of the container, frequent filling is unnecessary.

Using this appliance, almost anything in the shape of cooking can be done. It is a corn popper, a double boiler, and a table stove all combined. Plugged into a wall socket it will cook an entire meal.

If it’s boiled eggs you want, this little heater plug, here seen screwed into a special cooker designed for use with it, will do the trick for you. The thread also fits any hot water bottle. It operates from a convenient light socket. The new heater unit is small enough for a hand bag.

No lifting of tubs or boiler is necessary when this washing unit is used. Two tubs and a boiler, mounted on individual platforms, revolve around a center post so that any one of them can be set over the gas burner. A swivel faucet will reach each. A valve governs temperature of the water.

Thirty-two neckties can be hung on this rack, which occupies little room and makes selection easy.

Bath towels can’t fall down if a corner is pulled through this spring clamp fastened to wall.

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  2. docca says: December 23, 200710:34 am

    That towel clamp picture actually looks like it’s trapping a giant tentacle!

    Now really, I can’t figura how does that heater plug will boil eggs without spilling hot water everywhere (turn it upside down?). Looks more like a lava lamp.

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