Fighting Rats With Special Cats (Mar, 1932)

When the cats takeover, remember, this is where it started.

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords.

Fighting Rats With Special Cats

AT a cat farm in Le Havre, France, scientists are attempting to breed new kinds of cats which will pursue and eat rats so eagerly that they can be used to help rid ships and cities of the hordes of rats which now infest them.

The modern cat has been ruined by centuries of ease and dependence on mankind. Thus the natural instinct of rat catching has been so weakened that the average cat now is not worth, as a rat fighter, cost of keeping the cat alive.

It is believed that this weakened instinct is still dormant in the cat race and that by breeding cats for this special purpose and by keeping alive out of each generation of kittens only those that show good rat-catching powers, a race of rat-catchers can be produced which will surpass anything now known.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 19, 20114:30 pm

    They’re trying to breed cats tha AREN’T lazy!? But then they would’t be cats!

  2. GaryM says: December 20, 20119:25 am

    They’ve had lots of generations to breed their supercats; did anything ever come of it?

  3. Jari says: December 20, 201111:25 am

    GaryM: They failed. Instead of supercats, they managed to breed LOLcats.

  4. JMyint says: December 20, 20111:22 pm

    I have had several excellent mousers over the years so I am not sure what the author of this blurb was thinking.

  5. Toronto says: December 20, 20117:11 pm

    I like cats. I currently share my house with several of them. And I’m really really glad this didn’t work.

    A breed of supercats roaming our streets – what a horrid idea.

  6. Le Mur says: December 23, 20112:13 pm

    There idea is completely plausible. Not to mention the well-known and wide variety of human-developed behavior in a similar animal, namely domestic dogs, in Russia they’ve bred tame and vicious lines of foxes in about 40 generations (just a few generations won’t work consistently).…

  7. Cza says: December 26, 20115:44 am

    That’s just like killing off your less highly-achieving kids because the world is in need of more smart people.

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