First-Aid Booth (Nov, 1949)

First-Aid Booth

THE Germans have designed a street first-aid booth which seems to have everything. Well, practically everything.

First, naturally, there’s a first-aid kit and a folding stretcher on wheels. This is so light it can be pushed by a child. Then, there’s a public telephone and a fire alarm. For the policeman on beat, there’s a special wire to the station and on the wall is a mirror for last-minute grooming. On top of the booth is an illuminated clock and a blue light which blinks if somebody wants a policeman.

If plumbing facilities had been available there’d probably be a kitchen sink, too.

  1. Rick says: July 21, 200910:43 pm

    Reminds me of the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper”.


  2. Mike says: July 22, 20097:56 am

    and on the wall is a mirror for last-minute grooming.

    It is important to look good in those first aid situations. I bet they also proved useful for the services of the ladies of the night.

  3. Eli says: July 22, 20091:27 pm

    How long does anyone think the supplies would remain in the booth if left on a public street? And I’ve gotta wonder about the boy “guarding” the injured victim… Are they afraid someone will steal him if left unattended?

  4. Don says: July 22, 20092:15 pm

    This would make a good TARDIS.

  5. Patrick says: July 22, 20093:33 pm

    In the USA today, it would also include a lawyer that would file legal proceedings against you the moment you render help to someone.

  6. jayessell says: July 22, 20096:25 pm

    Repurposed after 1945.

    (Coin slot and chainsaw removed.)

  7. John M. Hanna says: July 22, 20099:13 pm

    With a little modification, this could also serve as a suicide booth, a la ‘Futurama’.

  8. jayessell says: July 22, 20099:42 pm

    John… See comment #6.
    Thats what it used to be.
    (Wait… Dang! I get the future and past mixed up. Sorry.)
    ((At least I didn’t say anything about gas!))

  9. Rick says: July 22, 200911:02 pm

    I can just hear the zither playing the “Third Man Theme”.


  10. nlpnt says: July 23, 200910:32 am

    Interesting place for a tire ad, too. Wonder how long that lasted before it was completely covered with handwritten paper ads showing what bands are playing where, who has a couch for sale and lost-pet announcements?

  11. Casandro says: August 9, 20091:41 am

    @nlpnt: You are forgetting this is germany. People there are tidy.

  12. JMyint says: August 9, 200911:06 am

    Patrick, I don’t suppose that you have ever heard of Good Samaritin laws. In most US states a person cannot be sued if:

    They render aid on a strictly volunteer basis.
    The person in need of aid gives their permission.
    The person giving aid acts in a responsible manner.

    If’n the person in need of aid is unconscious, it is considered a defacto permission. Also in most US states it is considered to be a criminal offense to fail to render aid to a person or persons in a life threatening situtation.

  13. Firebrand38 says: August 9, 20097:48 pm

    Good example of the situation may be found here

  14. TomTomB says: August 10, 20093:17 pm

    If I read it correctly, In Indiana, immunity is only granted to a certified first responder, like a paramedic.

  15. Firebrand38 says: August 10, 20093:29 pm

    No, read this as well…

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