Fit to Fly a Jet? (Jan, 1951)

Fit to Fly a Jet?
OUR jets are the hottest things in the air and it takes hot pilots to fly them. Even the fighters cost a few hundred thousand dollars each and Uncle Sam makes certain he doesn’t put a muttonhead behind the stick whenever there’s flying to be done. It’s easy for him to select good pilot material, however. The Air Force has formulated a series of tests which reveal a candidate’s mental and physical alertness in short order. It’s all done with lights, levers, noises and, of course, the necessary laboratory measuring instruments. There are vision testers, wobble meters and spinning chairs. A few are explained here. Think you could qualify?

  1. Rangachari Anand says: April 28, 20092:41 pm

    This reminds me of the chapter in Robert Heinlein’s book Space Cadet in which he describes the tests for space cadets. The book was written in 1947 and the tests that he describes are practically identical.

  2. Firebrand38 says: April 28, 20095:36 pm

    No reason it shouldn’t. The tests were in use long before Heinlein’s book.

    (Be advised its over 13MB!)

    What gets me is “..the fighters cost a few hundred thousand dollars each…”.

    An F-84 back then cost about $769,000 which works out today to $6,261,434.62!

    Compare that to the F-22 fly away cost for 2008 of 137.5 million and the F-35’s 83 million dollar unit cost. Of course you get what you pay for.

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