Flashes Stolen Car Warning (Nov, 1929)

Flashes Stolen Car Warning

THE latest development in the war against automobile thieves is an electric appliance that flashes out the word “stolen” as soon as a thief attempts to turn on the ignition switch. The secret lies in a tiny locked box on the back of the dashboard. Connection is made with the ignition system, and unless the driver of the car adjusts the mechanism the letters blaze out.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: March 26, 200910:48 pm

    Shortly thereafter, the latest development in the war against the war against automobile theft was ductape.

  2. Mike says: March 26, 200911:06 pm

    They were going off on every street so people ignored them as they do today.

  3. Charlene says: March 27, 20095:29 am

    They’re not always ignored. A few years back 911 in Calgary received over 80 calls from motorists reporting a transit bus flashing “CALL POLICE”. The driver had meant to choose “CITADEL EXPRESS” and had shut off his 2-way radio.

  4. Rick Auricchio says: March 27, 20096:09 pm

    “Hello, police? A bus said to call. What do I win?”

  5. Toronto says: March 27, 200911:08 pm

    Taxis here have a yellow light on the back that flashes when the driver does something, and a bumper sticker instructs you to call 911 if you see it. I called one in several years ago – I have no idea what the issue (if any) was. Even if it was a ‘false alarm’, it was easy to do and seems to be effective.

  6. fred says: March 28, 200912:29 pm

    This technique was adopted after the “Honk If Your Stolen” campaign failed miserably

  7. Zak Lybrand says: March 28, 200911:10 pm


    I think Mike was referring to car alarms. However, alarms on public transit, such as in your case, always seem to be taken with higher priority.

  8. Dean says: March 29, 200911:07 am

    Maybe this idea should be re-visited because as I read this there is an annoying car alarm going off in front of my house, and frankly I don’t care if the car is being stolen. In fact I hope it is being stolen so I don’t have to hear it anymore.

  9. Steve says: April 1, 20091:34 am

    Um, Toronto… If you had no idea what the issue was, how could you possibly know if the system is effective?

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