Fletner S-Rotor Used for Windmill (Jul, 1931)

Fletner S-Rotor Used for Windmill

TAKING a hint from the unique power plant of the rotor ship designed by Anton Fletner several years ago, Charles L. Lawrence, aeronautical engineer, has designed a windmill —the only one of its kind in this country — which uses the famous S-Rotor to catch the wind. Mounted high on a platform as shown in the accompanying photo, the cylindrical rotor is hooked to a pump which supplies water to a duck pond. Pump is housed in the shed beneath.

  1. Jari says: August 25, 20091:01 pm

    As a Finn, I claim that to be Savonius turbine 🙂 Flettner did designed similar rotor independently, though. Flettners rotor ship worked on diferent principle.

  2. Danilo Pez says: March 13, 20101:20 pm

    Yes, I agree with Jari. What we’re looking in the photo looks more like a Saonius turbine than a Flettner’s rotor.

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