Thousands fly Aeronca in business—cover more territory faster—have more time with family

EVER hear the story of this traveling salesman? He knows that time is money. The more customers he can see… the more territory he can cover in the least time… the more profitable it is to him. He flies Aeronca!

He’s sick and tired of long, tedious trips on the road. He wants no more of lonely nights in hard-to-get hotel rooms away from his wife and children. Now he can travel in luxurious comfort and return home each night. He flies Aeronca!

Yes, Aeronca has brought America a new way of life. To learn the pleasure, the economy, the utter simplicity of flying Aeronca… visit your Aeronca dealer soon. And remember—when you buy Aeronca hell teach you to fly Aeronca—FREE! Aeronca Aircraft Corporation, Middletown, Ohio.

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America’s No. 1 Low Cost Plane

  1. Stephen says: March 23, 20116:15 am

    I hadn’t heard of them; the familiar names in light aircraft from this period were Beechcraft and Cessna. Resorting to the Wikipedia, I discover that they built 2000 of this aircraft, the Chief, and 8000 of a similar machine, the Champion. Despite this success, they left the aircraft industry in 1951, and concentrated on just building components for other manufacturers.

  2. Charlene says: March 23, 20116:28 pm

    I have never flown a Chief but I have flown in one. During the flight ATC asked the pilot how long it would take for her to climb from 7,500 feet to 10,500 feet. She asked them whether they wanted that in hours or days.

    They vectored the 737 around us.

  3. Kosher Ham says: March 23, 20117:33 pm

    I’ll bet you haven’t heard of the Luscombe plane as well. My first plane ride was in a Luscombe.

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