Flivver With a Kick (Sep, 1951)

Flivver With a Kick
STUDENTS at the University of Houston recently converted a sedate Ford into a bucking bronco! Under the direction of W. C. Rowlette of the automotive shop, they built Leapin’ Lena for the school’s annual Frontier Fiesta show.

A ’39 Ford which hadn’t been doing anyone much good was stripped of its old frame. The correct mechanical touches gave it
the lope and bounce of a real Western horse and a saddle was added. Then, the mechanized bronco was ready for the show.

And Leapin’ Lena fulfilled all the hopes of her proud parents. She bucked and snorted in perfect imitation of the wild horses of the West, drawing crowds which waited in line to ride hen But her success wasn’t restricted to the fair grounds —Lena’s popularity soon took her to surrounding towns where she performed at fairs, bazaars and benefits. So, if you’re ever down Texas way, pardner, be sure to drop in at the University of Houston and take your changes on Leapin’ Lena—the flivver with a kick.—R. J. Johnson

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