Floating Cottages (Jul, 1956)

Floating Cottages

These beautiful new houseboats offer water lovers who can’t afford the luxury of a yacht all the advantages for lazy living.

Custom made Steel King is 46-footer sleeping four or more. Built by Grafton Boat Works.

This 24-foot job by the River Queen Boat Works has five-inch draft, costs $2,695.

Twin-hulled Spartan Mariner boasts three-room apt. Falls City Flying Service. Inc.

Floatahome is a 24-foot combination trailer-houseboat. Builders Norman Frey and Lawrence Pokallus estimate its cost at $2,500. less the motors.

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  1. Toronto says: May 16, 20126:36 pm

    I cannot possibly imagine towing a combination houseboat/trailer with any car, not least a 1956 model. It’s not just the starting up and the hill climbing and the horrible horrible aerodynamics, it’s also the braking.

    Now, an Airstream with inflatable pontoons…..

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