Florball (Dec, 1950)

Apparently there are still people who play florball. Well at least they did in Finland Norway, in 1999.

Played on a portable court, Florball is a fast, new racquet game. It embraces principles of hockey, tennis, golf and handball. Goals are scored by driving a sponge-rubber ball against eight- inch- high boards at either end of the court and three goals in succession are needed for one point. The ball has to be kept on the floor when serving and close to it at all other times.

  1. Martin says: August 31, 20074:48 am

    erm, Sola (the home of that florball club) is near Stavanger, in Norway. Not Finland. (just to point that out.)

  2. Charlie says: August 31, 20078:01 am

    Whoops. Fixed. Thanks Martin.

  3. Nadra says: August 31, 20079:26 am

    It is still a big sport in Sweden – I have a couple of friends who play regulary. And it is a classic in gym class in high school

  4. aaron says: August 31, 20071:40 pm

    The Northern European game is more like what we called “floor hockey”. But check this out: http://www.antiqueathle…

  5. Charlie says: August 31, 20072:31 pm

    Cool site. Thanks.

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