Flying Outhouse and the Electron Microscope (Nov, 1934)

Double header here. I like how the invention of the electron microscope gets second billing to what looks very much like a flying outhouse. I presume the “German” they are referring to is Ernst Ruska who invented the electron microscope in 1933.

Wheeled Building Travels 70 mph
A wheeled building which travels 70 miles an hour is the result of experiments at Roosevelt Field, Long Island to develop a testing plant for airplane engines.
A shack-like structure and an engine testing stand were mounted on a chassis which can be propelled under it’s own power at better than mile-a-minute speed. The advantage of the novel device lies in the fact that engine tests may be conducted at any pard of the field, owing to the mobility of the testing stand.

Machine Magnifies 10,000 Times
Using electrons insteaf of light rays to “see” tiny objects, a German scientist has developed a machine which, by magnification in two stages, enlarges objects about 10,000 times. Maximum enlargement usually possible with optical instruments is 3,500 times. Glass lenses cannot be used in the electron microscope. Electric or magnetic fields take their place, bending the electron streams as lenses bend or focus light rays.

  1. Bryan's Basement says: December 5, 20057:48 pm

    Yesterday’s tomorrows today

    A really cool blog: Modern Mechanix Specializing in old Modern Mechanix, Popular Science, and other similar magazines. I have shelves and shelves of those magazines already, and I still can’t walk past a rack of those old issues without leafing

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    Adams Family housemobile from Wacky Races?

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