Focal Point Art (Oct, 1937)

A hemisphere is just geometry, but a semisphere, that’s art.

Focal Point Art

THOSE who have not developed that esthetic sense of art so necessary to appreciate a “fur-lined cup and saucer” which the surrealists exhibited (and which was illustrated in a previous issue of this publication) will acknowledge that Robert H. Blickenderf has developed something equally striking— yet, when properly viewed, possessing all those elements of art which have been expounded by the great masters. When examined from a distance all the lines which would normally be straight are curved, in this new art work. Objects seem out of proportion. Characters bulge where graceful slim lines should appear. In this art the picture is painted and viewed from the focal point of a two foot papier mache semisphere erected on a pedestal. When so examined the curved lines become straight and everything else assumes its correct relation.

  1. Toronto says: February 25, 20132:32 pm

    I’ve always liked anamorphosis – here’s a nice example: http://farm9.static.fli…

  2. Casandro says: March 1, 201311:35 pm

    You can see some of those in the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich. They are in their electricity department and depict scenic views of construction related to electricity. Looks really quite impressive.

  3. Toronto says: March 3, 20137:01 pm

    That’s on my must-see list.

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