Folding Cane for the Blind (Dec, 1955)

Folding Cane for the Blind

Blind persons can now obtain a white cane that is folded when not in use. The lightweight cane is made of aluminum tubing coated with white plastic. When the cane is held by the wrist cord and allowed to fall freely, the four aluminum segments snap together and become a rigid unit. Rubber tubing inside the cane draws each segment of the metal tubing into the next larger diameter to a depth of one inch.

  1. mr.beaver says: October 5, 200710:52 am

    That’s what I called “invention”

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20086:32 pm

    Still in use. Every tent I’ve bought in the last decade or two has used this same idea: elastic-cord self-connecting segmented rods of aircraft aluminum. I imagine they’re now carbon fiber for the hard core back-packers out there.

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