Folding Shower Baths (Apr, 1902)

Folding Shower Baths

WANTED: To negotiate with firms in the United States, England and Canada to make and sell this bath on royalty or similar terms. Most economical bath as regards cost, time, space and water. Inexpensive and practical. Sanitary and antiseptic. For hotel bed-rooms, apartment houses, residences, resorts, sanitariums, etc. Used anywhere. No plumbing. Address

54 Central Square, Lynn, Mass.

Patented, Dec, 1901.

  1. Anne says: July 8, 200812:13 am

    How does this work without plumbing?

  2. galessa says: July 8, 20081:04 am

    Isn’t the “in use” pic too sexy for 1902????

  3. Jaber says: July 8, 20083:02 am

    LOL – tidey whities!

  4. StanFlouride says: July 8, 20082:03 pm

    I saw one of these, or something very much like it on Antiques Roadshow. The water was hand-pumped and cold.

  5. Peter says: July 8, 20085:19 pm

    My grandparents had something similar to this, you were supposed to fill a rubber bladder near the foot of it with warm (but not hot it warned) water. After filling you would screw on a lid with a bicycle pump mounted on it. Pump the pump a few (dozen) times and then take a shower. It was in non-working condition when I encountered it but I can’t imagine it working well.

  6. Adrian says: July 9, 20087:37 am

    I think the ‘Open’ and ‘In Use’ captions should be swapped.

  7. Torgo says: July 9, 20085:56 pm

    In 1900 people made do with less, but they made it look elegant.

  8. Cole says: July 18, 20081:04 am

    I disagree with Adrian. Open as in free, like airplane bathrooms

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