Foods that build health can be Palate-Tempting (Feb, 1929)

Foods that build health can be Palate-Tempting

RECIPES that actually make your mouth water may now be made from the most healthful of health foods!

At Battle Creek, diet specialists have given attention to the taste and flavor as well as to health. Meatless dishes abounding in strength-giving qualities now rival choicest beef and chicken. Cereals that have a tang of parched wheat or a crunchy crispness call for second helpings. A food drink, rich as milk, makes the most delicious ice cream and salad garnish.

Particularly interesting is Savita. Aside from being one of the richest known sources of Vitamin B, a remarkable blood and nerve-building food, this yeast extract is a boon to every cook.

Savita duplicates the wonderful flavor of chicken, mushrooms and choicest beef. It is ready for instant use for broths, bouillons and soups, sauces, gravies and sandwiches. For years it has been used at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Together with the other health foods in the Battle Creek line, Savita is sold by your Health Food Center—usually the leading grocer.

SAVITA — Yeast extract rivaling finest meat flavor.

FIG BRAN — A dainty cereal of bran and luscious figs.

PARAMELS — Creamy caramels of mineral oil.

LAXA — Crunchy biscuits of bran and agar.

MALTED NUTS — Delicious food drink teeming with health.

VITA-WHEAT — Appetizing all-wheat 6-minute porridge.

“ZO” — Toothsome vitamin cereal everyone enjoys. LACTO-DEXTRIN —Refreshing anti-toxic colon food.

PROTOSE — Vegetable meat rich as choicest beef.

BRAN BISCUIT — Crisp, tasty, whole-somebran crackers. PSYLLA—Seeds that supply bulk and lubrication.

Free Diet Service

At Battle Creek we maintain a staff of graduate dietitians to advise you on any diet problem, if you will write to Ida Jean Kain, our chief dietitian, she will send you suggestions for your particular diet. “Healthful Living,” a most interesting and helpful book written by a leading nutrition expert, will be sent free if you write your name and address on the margin of this ad and send it to us. It describes with recipes many of the foods used in the Battle Creek Diet System.

THE BATTLE CREEK FOOD CO., Department 122, Battle Creek, Mich.

BATTLE CREEK SANITARIUM Health foods for Everybody

  1. Myles says: June 22, 20091:41 pm

    “Meatless dishes abounding in strength-giving qualities now rival choicest beef and chicken”

    Wow, not only is this is good as beef, but the choicest beef.

    “PARAMELS — Creamy caramels of mineral oil” Blechh.

    “For years it has been used at the Battle Creek Sanitarium” They need to get out more.

  2. Charlene says: June 22, 20095:13 pm

    If that photo doesn’t tempt you, what else would?

    (if by “tempt you” they mean “make you run screaming from the room”)

  3. Randy says: June 22, 20095:54 pm


  4. Scott B. says: June 22, 20097:22 pm

    John Harvey Kellogg, whom I think founded this sanitarium, was a bit of a health nut, emphasis on the “nut.” He had an obsession with keeping the colon clean, and thought sex was just a bad idea. He developed cold cereals, thinking they would curb people’s libidos. Interesting fellow.

    If you ate a diet of the junk in this ad, I don’t doubt you’d have little sex drive. Yuck.

  5. katey says: June 22, 20098:26 pm

    Bran AND Agar?! Yum!

  6. nlpnt says: June 22, 20098:39 pm

    I suppose in a parallel universe Savita is to America what Marmite is to England and Vegemite to Australia….glad I live in THIS universe then…

  7. StanFlouride says: June 22, 20099:25 pm

    Kellogg was not so much against sex as against masturbation. Corn and Bran Flakes were created to curb that particular part of one’s libido.

    And I’ve tried masturbating with corn flakes- it just ain’t the same.

  8. Firebrand38 says: June 22, 200910:04 pm

    Oh yeah, he wasn’t a big fan of sex at all!…

    The whole book is like this.

    Supposedly he wrote this book on his honeymoon. Apparently he and his wife never consummated their marriage.…

  9. Charlie says: June 23, 200912:32 pm

    There is actually a really fun movie about Kellogg and Battle Creek called The Road to Wellville. Anthony Hopkins plays Kellogg and it also has Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, Kathy Bates, etc. Well worth watching.

  10. Torgo says: June 23, 20099:17 pm

    The Fig Bran sounds pretty good actually.

  11. steve from brisbane says: June 24, 20094:25 am

    At least half of the items in that range contains something that works as a laxative. Kellogg was clearly obsessed with regularity (keep that colon clean!), but honestly, if I ate that much bran, figs, etc, I’d be on the toilet 5 times a day. Did he see that as a good thing, all that privacy for teenage boys…

  12. John Savard says: June 24, 20094:53 pm

    Some of what was at the part of the book referenced didn’t sound all that unreasonable. To say that a husband should wait until his wife also wants to engage in sex is reasonable. To go on to say that she would normally be interested only once a month, or once a year, of course, is the part that is unusual.

  13. Thundercat says: June 25, 20092:13 pm

    @ John Savard: Clearly you haven’t been married long enough.

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