FOR BEST RESULTS: shave with Barbasol (Jun, 1949) (Jun, 1949)

FOR BEST RESULTS: shave with Barbasol

Cultivating? (the lady)
You can—with a Barbasol face!

To make a Tiger Lily purr—try Barbasol! With Barbasol you get closer, easier, more comfortable shaves that last all day. They’re faster, more sanitary, too! No brush, no lather, no rub-in. And Barbasol always leaves your face feeling really soft and smooth. So for “100 purr cent” shaving pleasure—try Barbasol, today!
Use it also for soothing relief of sunburn, windburn, insect bites, itching.

  1. Fred says: July 13, 20102:54 pm


  2. Charlene says: July 13, 20108:13 pm

    The cover model is Marta Toren, a Swedish actress who was stricken with a brain hemorrhage while appearing on stage in Stockholm and died two days later at the age of 31.

  3. r peltier says: July 14, 201010:10 am

    HEY! If Barbasol is so good why can’t I buy it anymore?

  4. StanFlouride says: July 14, 201011:14 am

    I’m surprised that an ad this risqué ran in LIFE magazine.

    I’ll bet it disappeared under a LOT of adolescent boys’ mattresses!

  5. Jari says: July 14, 201012:31 pm

    r peltier: You can. At least it’s still manufactured. Love the limited color palette of the ad.

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