For Buzzing Only (Oct, 1952)

For Buzzing Only

A DIZZY height of 15 ft. was attained by this tiny bi-plane over the Palm Springs airport on its flight. Built for exhibitions at air shows at a cost of $2,200, the craft has a wing span of only 7 ft. 3 in., says Bob Star, test pilot and co-builder.

  1. experiment 626 says: August 2, 20126:37 am

    What!? no plans? I’d build one in a heart beat!

  2. LoFlyer says: August 2, 20128:40 am

    Still exists in a museum. The designer, Ray Stits, designed over a dozen airplanes for the homebuilt aircraft movement in the 1950s and 60s.

  3. Hirudinea says: August 2, 20121:15 pm

    How did this ever get past the FAA?

  4. experiment 626 says: August 5, 20127:22 am

    @LoFlyer Thanks for the link! That thing sounds like a death trap according to the website and Science And Mechanics failed to mention that at all and the fact it could go higher than 15 feet!

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