For easy-reach cooking and cleaning New Frigidaire Wall Ovens with drop-leaf doors! (Jul, 1958)

For easy-reach cooking and cleaning New Frigidaire Wall Ovens with drop-leaf doors!

There’s more to these new ovens than meets the eye!

• Spatter-Free Broiling!

• Automatic Cooking Controls!

• Holiday Meal Capacity!

• Double and Single Oven Models!

Almost too beautiful to be used — but this new Frigidaire Sheer Look Wall Oven cooks as good as it looks… automatically! Smart new Drop-Leaf Doors provide set-down space for safe parking of heaviest roasts, or swing down all the way to let you step up close, clean every corner easily. Each door is supported by two aircraft-type cables, capable of holding up to 1000 lbs. each!

Talk about capacity! You’ll cook the largest turkey or whole meals with ease. New optional rotisserie holds and turns even a 20 lb. ham. Exclusive new Radiant-Wall Broiler Grill “char-broils” steaks just the way you like… so spatter-free you’ll broil 100 times without cleaning the oven! A new Meat Tender Thermometer lets you dial the “doneness” in roasts. Automatic Cook-Master bakes, roasts, or barbecues while you’re miles away. Single and double oven models available in satin chrome or four Frigidaire colors. Glass door optional in some models.

Exclusive Fold-Back Surface Units install on the counter top to save cabinet space, fold back (even while hot) for extra counter area. In gleaming satin chrome. One-piece Built-in Cooking Tops (not shown) in Frigidaire colors and satin chrome finish. See your Frigidaire Dealer or Kitchen Specialist.

’58 FRIGIDAIRE Built-in Appliances FRIGIDAIRE Division, General Motors Corporation, Dayton 1, Ohio

  1. Art says: July 1, 20118:13 pm

    Friend of mine use to have all this in his kitchen right up until he moved to a new house about 8 years ago. I always thought those flip-down burners were so cool!

  2. Kay StJohn says: September 8, 20111:21 pm

    I have this oven. It’s been working great since 1972. I want to change the color of the door. How can I find a manual to remove the door. Thank you.

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