For faster shopping: a Revolator (Jun, 1973)

For faster shopping: a Revolator

Cabs in this people-mover will whisk up and down on a continuous belt—something like a Ferris wheel. The Revolator is planned for a multilevel shopping center that’s being built in Morristown, N.J. Each cab will hold 150 shoppers, so a six-unit system could transport 40,000 an hour—far more than elevators or escalators. Cabs will move in unison every 60 seconds, stopping at each floor. The glass-enclosed system gives shoppers a view of all stores as they pass each floor. “Visibility and store frontage are of prime consideration in vertical centers,” says architect Lathrop Douglas whose firm conceived the Revolator.

  1. Richard says: June 20, 201111:33 am

    Interesting. I have tried without success to see what mall this might have been, and whether the device was ever built. If built, I was wondering if it was ever replaced with escalators.

    In my searching I think I’ve discovered an error on the date attribution. I believe this was the June 1973 issue of PopSci, not 1977. At least, the cover appears to have a ’73 date, and Google Books shows this tidbit on page 83 of the June 1973 issue.

  2. Hirudinea says: June 20, 201112:37 pm

    Looks like the London Eye, I wonder what would happened if someone jammed the doors open on one cab, the whole thing stops.

  3. maryanne says: June 20, 20114:14 pm

    This would fit with Headquarters Plaza, two huge ugly buildings, a hotel and office tower that is largely vacant, as is the entire mall. It was put up on the Morristown Green in the 70s. It was the beginning of the end of a lovely old fashioned downtown with many diverse stores, which is now almost totally banks, restaurants that come and go, overpriced condos, and bars. No, this amazing ferris wheel was never built here, and most of Headquarters Plaza is vacant, except for the hotel and a movie theater with a scary underground parking lot convenient for local thugs. Most of the now-defunct mall was on one level, so it is hard to see how this would have worked.

  4. vincebowdren says: June 21, 20112:20 am

    That kind of device is called a Paternoster Lift. They do exist, but they’re not very common compared to normal lifts (elevators); they normal use small compartments on a loop which never stops moving, so you have to step in and out fairly smartly.

  5. Toronto says: June 21, 20115:04 am

    Vince: A true paternoster doesn’t stop on each floor – this one says it does.

  6. dparks says: June 21, 20115:22 am

    @ Vince wrote – “A true paternoster doesn’t stop on each floor”

    Yes, exactly as ‘vincebowdren’ stated, you knowitall idiot.

  7. Toronto says: June 21, 201111:58 am

    dparks: Chill. First, you mis-attributed the quote to Vince rather than me. Second, Vince started by saying “That kind of device is called a Paternoster…” which it isn’t, so I was correcting that part. Third, why the name-calling?

  8. Lost in fort mill says: June 26, 20115:21 am

    The only thing _REDACTED_ has invented is his doctorate and career in the military. He’s a total scam artist, believe me I know.

  9. John says: June 26, 20119:09 am

    Lost in fort mill » Yeah, if you want to publicly accuse someone and ask us to believe you because you “know” it really helps if you actually present some evidence. It also hurts to hide behind a name like “Lost in fort mill” when accusing someone who posted with their real name. Relying on the anonymity of the internet to accuse someone without evidence is a really cowardly way of doing things

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