FOR HEALTH Breathe Terpezone (Feb, 1937)

FOR HEALTH Breathe Terpezone

Learn how the famous Terpe-zone Generator supplies the revitalizing air of the Alps to you and your children in your home or at clinic. Enjoy the benefits of Good Health! Breathe this germicidal vapor for all Respiratory troubles—Anemia and Blood Pressure.

Thousands of sufferers during the 26 years of our successful record have testified to amazing results. There is nothing similar to Terpezone. Write today for free literature and particulars.

TERPEZONE, INC., 23 S. Jefferson St., Chicago.

  1. Firebrand38 says: December 6, 20075:27 am

    This was also promoted as a “cure” for tuberculosis.

    A color picture can be found at http://www.thebakken.or…

    The US Patent Office actually issued a patent for this nonsense in 1911… and for an improved version in 1930 http://www.thebakken.or…

  2. jayessell says: December 6, 200711:30 am

    Today, Ozone is considered a pollutant.
    (Unless it is in the upper atmosphere.)

    I don’t see the word ‘quackery’ in the articles Firebrand38 quotes.

  3. Firebrand38 says: December 6, 200712:41 pm

    No I took the leap and reached that conclusion all by my lonesome. The claim that breathing the emanations of this gadget would treat ALL respiratory ailments, anemia and high blood pressure was like my first clue.

  4. Gregory says: December 6, 20078:49 pm

    I checked 23 S. Jefferson Street in Google Maps… it’s now a parking garage for the Presidential Towers. Whatever building was there seventy years ago is long, long gone.

    That feels sort of sad, in a way.

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