FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN World Travel With All Expenses Paid! (Oct, 1927)

FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN World Travel With All Expenses Paid!

How often you’ve longed to see for yourself the awe of Egypt’s pyramids—the beauties of the gorgeous Mediterranean sunset— the squalor of China’s ancient cities! Now you can do it—travel the whole world at will, all your expenses paid. Every one of your expenses of travel will be paid for you—you won’t be out a cent of your own. And you can draw a good salary besides!

There is a big demand for men to handle the Radio operating on board the ships of the world. Practically every vessel must carry one man—many of them two or three or more. Radio operating is easily and quickly learned—and the work is very interesting and pleasant. There is no other work like it for the man who wants the experiences and pleasures of world-travel.

Radio operators aboard ocean liners live luxuriously—they rank as officers of the ship. Meals, a private cabin, all other living needs are furnished free, and besides, the operators draw a good salary. You don’t have to sign up for a long term—you can change ships as often as you like, so as to go to any part of the world you prefer on each voyage.

Book with Full Information Sent Free.

My free 64-page book gives all information about this field of work, and the opportunities for travel, fascinating work and advancement. Send for it today— get all the facts. You can learn in your spare minutes at home to qualify for a Radio Operator’s position. Just a few months of my practical training in your spare time at home and you’ll be prepared to start on your travels.

My methods of training are recognized by the U.S. Government. My graduates are all over the world. My Employment Department, which keeps in touch with employers and supplies them with Radio Operators, is at your service without charge when you complete your training.

No special education is necessary—lots of men I’ve trained didn’t even finish the grades. Read about it for yourself in my big free book—learn how I’ll prepare you quickly and easily at home for these big opportunities.

Send the Coupon TODAY! Address: J.E. SMITH, President, National Radio Institute, Washington, D. C.

The “Sailaway” Coupon it – Mail it now!

J.E. SMITH, President, National Radio Institute, Dept. M-87 Washington, D. C.

  1. Toronto says: November 14, 201212:21 pm

    Before I zoomed in I guessed this was for the USMC.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: November 14, 20124:33 pm

    “… the squalor of China’s ancient cities!” Yeah, that’s a real attraction right there.

  3. dj_nme says: November 15, 20122:57 pm

    It kind of looked like the sort of “travel the world, meet interesting people and learn how to kill them” type deals, even without reading the fine-print.

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