For Not Crying Out Loud! (Jan, 1942)

Because every baby carriage needs a large sheet of glass built into it. Can’t see what could go wrong there…

For Not Crying Out Loud!

THE newest thing in baby carriage attachments is this mirror built into the hood. When mother must leave baby alone in his perambulator, she swings the mirror down in front of him. The child, seeing his reflection, believes he has company.

  1. Darren says: January 4, 20123:11 pm

    “Mother must leave baby alone” – reminds me of another article where mother must answer the phone or doorbell.


  2. Toronto says: January 4, 20123:54 pm

    A Danish woman left her child in a stroller outside a shop in Canada a few years back and got all sorts of trouble. We used to do that quite often – that’s why strollers have parking brakes.

  3. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 4, 201211:40 pm

    Works for parakeets too.

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