For Shopping, Golf-And Fun! (May, 1962)

God, are we really this lazy?
Oh wait, yes we are.

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For Shopping, Golf-And Fun!

OF COURSE the lady seen above will have to add a windshield, light, horn and a license plate or two if she wants to take her Ramble-Seat on the road. But around the marina, plant, resort or golf course, it’s ready for use as is. This nifty electric is sold by Ramble-Seat, Box 74786, Los Angeles 4. Calif. It comes in a variety of models, some rugged, some for use as powered wheel chairs. Optionals are available to meet state vehicle codes. For maneuverability and versatility it’s hard to beat.—John and Irene Lenk

HEAVY-DUTY or golf-cart version has dual motors and lug tires for getting up grassy slopes. The power source is a self-contained, rechargeable selenium battery. Individual cells are replaceable—a money-saver. To recharge you plug into 115-volt AC current. The charger will not overcharge.

UP HE GOES—a piece of cake in the heavy-duty version which totes as much as 300 lbs. up 25-degree inclines from a standing start. This ruggeder Ramble-Seat is suggested for getting about industrial plants as well as for golf. Ramble-Seat goes inside through a standard 28-inch door.

TILLER used in steering the Ramble-Seat is removable. Right- and left handed models are available. Ramble-Seat was designed originally for elderly or handicapped people but its four-wheeled stability, ruggedness, power and speed (top is 20 mph) give it usefulness for both work and play.

RECHARGING outlet is at rear under the seat. Entire seat comes off to make a more compact package to go in a car trunk. An easy two-man lift puts it there. To keep unauthorized people from playing with it, Ramble-Seat has a circuit-breaking key that also locks the brake. Price is $400.

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  1. W.A. (Bill) Harrington says: August 2, 200710:38 pm

    Who is running this site?

    Especially this article on the Ramble Seat.

    It’s supposed to all be one word. The name was trademarked that way…

    We need to talk.



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