I don’t really care about the space phone, but that outfit is awesome, not to mention the machine shop.


PHONY PONIES are miniature plastic race horses with Mexican Jumping beans strapped under saddles to propel them. Reveil Toys, Los Angeles. $1.

FIX-IT TRUCK carries its own tools, including a wrench, jack, screwdriver and hammer plus a spare tire. Ideal Toys, 200 Fifth Ave.. N.Y.C. $1.30.

MACHINE SHOPETTE consists of ten miniature machine tools which operate on an electric motor. Bell Products. Empire State Bldg., N.Y.C. $15.

SKYRO-PLANE is attached to a rod and reel and has wings which revolve as soon as plane is tossed into air. Marxman Pipes, 27 W. 24 St. N.Y.C. $3.

SPACE PHONE works like a real walkie-talkie and operates clearly up to a half mile without batteries. Vintage Products, St. Louis. Mo. $3.

ELECTRIC JEEP is operated by a real motor powered by two flashlight batteries and controlled by pushbutton. Vibro-Roll Products, Pittsburgh. $4.

  1. Tim Giachetti says: April 25, 20082:52 am

    I had the machine shop. handed down from my father. He was a bit old to be buying, but he played with it like an enthusiastic child. So did I, but hey, I was the child. 🙂

  2. Harry says: April 25, 20083:01 am

    That outfit is from the 1950-55 scifi series Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

  3. Neil Russell says: April 25, 20087:52 am

    You can’t go wrong with lightning bolt accesories. Ironic that the company selling the radio phone was called “Vintage Products”. I bet they’d sell that for a lot more than $3 if they had it today!

  4. jayessell says: April 25, 200810:26 am

    I wish I still had my Ohio Art AstroRay Gun!
    (Flashlight/Dart shooter)

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