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TOY FIBERGLAS CAR, manufactured in Connecticut by the New London Metal Processing Corp., has a top speed of 5 mph, powered by a truck battery.

JUVENILE JIVESTERS. below, can play real tunes on these plastic toy instruments manufactured by Emenee Industries, 200 Fifth Avenue, N. Y.

KIDS’ SUPER MARKET, made of extra heavy fiberboard. is stocked with cartons of famous-brand foods. From Hutzler Brothers, Baltimore, Md.

CORKSCREW MODEL RAILWAY forms a novel and compact “roadbed” for these two electric trains. Setup is made by A. C. Gilbert Co., New Haven.

SPACE PATROL helmet is molded of clear, lightweight Tenite plastic, is shatterproof. Toys of Tomorrow Ltd., 840 S. Santee St., Los Angeles.

PLA-VAC, a battery – operated toy vacuum cleaner, actually picks up dust, lint, makes a whirring sound. Produced by Gay Toys, Inc., Detroit. Mich.

BUCKET LOADER consists of a two-stage lift conveyer mounted on a toy truck chassis. Charles W. Doepke Manufacturing Co., Rossmoyne, Ohio.

BRONCO HEAD, made of easy-to-clean plastic, can be fastened to a bike or scooter. Made by Cornell Industries, 193 Bradford St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.

ZANY HAND PUPPETS, authorized by the Toy Guidance Council, are of washable plastic, fit on the hands. J. V. Zimmerman Co.. St. Louis. Mo.

TURN-TRAC. right, is a scale model of a real diesel crawler, has two speeds, works by remote control. Product Miniature Co.. Milwaukee, Wis.

JUNIOR NURSE CONVERTIBLE bike has two small rear wheels that can be removed, comes with a nursing kit. The Huffman Manufacturing, Dayton. O.

AUTHENTIC SUBMARINE model floats beneath the water, will fire its torpedoes three ft. Ideal Toy Corporation. 200 Fifth Ave.. New York 10. N. Y.

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