For Young, For Old, For Everybody: Remington Typewriters (Oct, 1923)

When I wee lad, the whole family would gather ’round old grand pap as he’d demonstrate his magical typulating device. Those were heady days I tell you.

For Young, For Old, For Everybody

Remington Portable Typewriter is the universal machine for personal writing. It has every quality demanded by the individual user.
Compact—fits in a case only four inches high.

Convenient—can be used anywhere; on your lap, if you wish.

Complete -with STANDARD KEYBOARD and other “big machine” conveniences.

It also resembles the big machines in efficiency, for don’t forget it’s a Remington—with every merit for which Remingtons are famous.

Write for our illustrated, “For You, For Everybody”. Address Department 12

374 Broadway, New York
Paragon Ribbons for Remington Portable Type writers. Made by us, 50 cents each. $5 per dozen.

  1. Joie Masincup says: February 5, 20084:14 pm

    We have a Sperry Rand Ten-Forty Remington typewriter that we are looking to purchase a ribbon for. These are the numbers that are located on the back or bottom of the typewriter……..Pat No. D-188010…….

    We have had the typewriter for about 40 years. Would like to see if it still works???????? It is in very good condition other than the ribbon being dried out.

    Any information you could give us on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Joie Masincup
    Staunton, Virginia

  2. Frank says: June 17, 20086:23 pm

    Ribbons are so hard to come by, if all else fails, one of those stamp-pad inking pens can do the trick. Given its a monochrome ribbon. Trying to re-ink a red/black would just make a mess.

    I came across this in a desperate hunt for a single accursed screw. My Remington Ten Forty has suffered an injury of debilitating proportion, its return arm has broken off the screw that held it in place. If anyone has the carcass of one of these wonderful machines with arm intact, I will pay dearly for that screw! If all else fails I will be forced to replace it with some dreadful substitute. Im afraid the poor thing will never be the same again.

    I too thank you for your time, and hope one of you out there has anything that could help.

    Best wishes,

    Toronto, Ontario

  3. jayessell says: June 17, 20086:38 pm

    Wouldn’t it be weird and wacky if a 21st century CNC milling machine was used to make the replacement part for a 20th Century typewriter?

    Frank…. is it a screw the size used in old eyeglasses frames?
    Find some from the same era.
    Find ANYTHING from the same era.
    The screws that holds the knob on on old radios?
    Is a screw of the same type used elsewhere on the same machine?
    (Yes, now THAT screw has to be replaced, but it might be more tolerant of inexact substitution.)

  4. Julio says: August 21, 20088:27 pm

    I have a 1908 Paragon (12) mint condition. Don’t know what parts shoud be lubricated.

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