Ford Navigates in Flood Areas (May, 1932)

Ford Navigates in Flood Areas
“SERVICE regardless of flood water” is the motto of a Mississippi taxi driver who “raised” his Ford to meet the occasion. The body is elevated from the axles by using simple metal cross-frames. An elongated drive shaft and steering apparatus complete the job.

  1. slim says: February 18, 200912:11 am

    Little did he know that he was creating something that would be copied by thousands of pick-up truck owners.

  2. Al Bear says: February 18, 200911:07 am

    Yeahhh! hit da’ switches holmes! chicks like bouncing cars.

    -Early lowrider with hydraulics 😉

  3. Jari says: February 18, 20093:11 pm

    What I see, is clearly a grand-daddy of all monster trucks 😉

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