Ford – Rolls Royce Merger Creates a Striking Luxury Car (Jun, 1934)

Ford – Rolls Royce Merger Creates a Striking Luxury Car

THE world’s strangest auto merger has been effected—a Ford engine in a Rolls Royce body. The result is a startling new car which will shortly make its appearance on American highways.

Powered by an ordinary Ford V-8 engine, the new car is mounted on a converted Ford chassis. The aristocratic body has been designed and built by engineers of the American Rolls Royce company. The car will sell for $3,040.

The car has a 127-inch wheelbase and is fitted with “booster brakes,” improved springing, special radiator, thermostatic shutter control and numerous other features which improve on the original chassis and lift it into competition of the “luxury car” field.

  1. Al Bear says: October 9, 20082:16 am

    Man, glad that didn’t happen. Rolls Royce would have ended up being a crappy cheap car (Ford engineering here), like the Mercury.

  2. Neil Russell says: October 9, 200811:52 am

    I’d always seen it listed as the “Brewster” Ford, I didn’t realize the connection was with RR.
    So with that hot little Ford V-8 you would really have something unique; a Roller that actually runs

  3. StanFlouride says: October 9, 20081:12 pm

    Of course the idea that Rolls-Royce might ever merge with (or be bought by) Volkswagen is unthinkable!

  4. Neil Russell says: October 9, 20089:33 pm

    Rolls and VW? That will be the day! I’d expect Ford to own Jaguar before I ever saw something like that! 🙂

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