Freak Boat Can’t Sink or Tip Over (Dec, 1930)

Freak Boat Can’t Sink or Tip Over

THE latest in freak boats is the non-sink-able and non-tippable craft shown in the photo above, in which a German inven tor will attempt to cross the Atlantic this winter, to prove that his boat can stand up in the roughest weather.

Its hull is divided into six watertight compartments and has mounted on it an equally water tight cabin, which is protected from spray by a shield around the base.

  1. Don says: December 21, 20077:45 am

    They said the Titanic wouldn’t sink too; you’d think they’d have learnt . . . .

  2. Mike Brisendine says: December 21, 20076:55 pm

    Well, I wonder who’s the inventor and if he ever made the Atlantic crossing…successfully.

  3. Stannous says: December 21, 20078:19 pm

    The rail is probably about 1m (3ft) high so at that scale where would you keep the water and provisions?
    The rigging looks like it has a sail and as the monohull record today from West to East (the easier way) is 8d, 20h, 55m, 35s, it doesn’t look capable of carrying enough to make it.

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