Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather (Apr, 1940)

Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather
Fair Floridians who fear freckles have adopted the odd hooded cape pictured in the photograph below, taken at an Atlantic beach resort. Made of a polka-dot print fabric, the freckleproof cape has an attached hood equipped with built-in sun glasses to further protect the wearer from the effects of strong sunlight.

  1. Stannous says: August 31, 20065:01 pm

    I guess freckles on the legs are okay…

  2. Ian says: June 13, 20101:24 pm

    Freckles on women are more than OK on any part of the body. ; )

  3. Zyklotron says: August 19, 201110:48 am

    American burqa.

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