French Begin Development of Supersonic Airliner (Jul, 1962)

At this point in development the French aircraft was a separate project from the British one. They merged the two programs later in year. I have to say, Concorde is certainly a better name than Super Caravelle.

French Begin Development of Supersonic Airliner

Funds have been appropriated by the French government to develop a Mach 2.2 (1600 miles per hour) airliner to be called the Super Caravelle, capable of carrying 100 passengers up to 2800 miles at altitudes above 50,000 feet. A unique feature of the supersonic passenger plane is its curved delta wing which will contain fuel tanks and the four jet-engine pods. The plane is expected to enter passenger service by 1968.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 28, 20112:07 pm

    And the 747 kicked the ass of the SST. Shame.

  2. PoppyJoe says: September 28, 20113:06 pm

    I had that issue of PM – as a kid I found the whole idea wonderfully exciting…

  3. Toronto says: September 28, 20119:16 pm

    I’d LOVE to have had a chance to fly this. I’ve been in all sorts of aircraft, from gliders to choppers to jet trainers and fighters to four prop piston engined bombers, and even Airbus, Boeing, et al. But the Concorde would have been so nice.

    Of course, it was soo expensive, too.

  4. tb says: September 29, 20117:39 am

    At least one dream that came true although maybe not as successful as the designers could have wished. Along with the Lockheed “Super Connie” an example of a beautiful plane. Like Toronto I would have love to have had a chance to fly in one of them.

  5. Hoofie says: October 1, 20114:02 am

    The SST was technically a step too far compared to Concorde. I flew on it in 92/93 on a BA promo flight from the Middle East and it was stunning. Small inside compared to a widebody and incredibly noisy on take-off but flying a Mach 2 and 60000ft felt like you were standing on the ground.

    Concorde has been described by Apollo engineers as presenting bigger technical challenges than the moon landings – and like that technology its now gone.

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