French Car has Front Door (Aug, 1936)

French Car has Front Door

IN designing a car to give the minimum of resistance to the air—”to shed air as a duck sheds water”—M. Andre Dubonnet, a French automotive engineer, departed from usual practice and took advantage of the location of the engine at the rear to have a swing-up door in front, as shown by the illustrations at the left. The curve of the door followed the blunt nose shape, which is the true line of least resistance in streamlining.

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 19, 201111:45 am

    It looks like a French attempt at an Isetta.

  2. ajricher says: January 19, 201112:31 pm

    Looks more like the back end of a French duck.

  3. Zak says: January 19, 20113:51 pm

    Looks like a good way to kill yourself. There’s no protection in that whatsoever.

  4. LightningRose says: January 20, 20119:26 am

    An automobile steered by a rudder – what could go wrong?

  5. blast says: January 21, 201111:42 pm

    So it’s got two doors, one at each front corner. Same place where cars of today have bolt-on fenders, which may well be among the top five parts replaced after collisions.

    This designer lived in a safe, happy dream world (and had visions of whales).

  6. tadji says: February 3, 20112:54 pm

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