Frenchman Crosses Channel With Odd Paddle Device (Jan, 1935)

Frenchman Crosses Channel With Odd Paddle Device

PROPELLING himself through the water by means of a novel paddle device known as a hydrosphere, Charles Flourons, Paris, France, successfully crossed the English Channel from Cape Griz-Nez to Dover.

Flourons’ hydrosphere consists of a ball one foot in diameter with a double-ended paddle, five feet long, passing through the center. The ball provides buoyancy and the paddles furnish necessary locomotion through the water.

Flourons operates the device by lying on his back in the water and turning the paddle with his hands. The trip was made in about 10-1/2 hours. Flourons left Cape Griz-Nez at 10:30 p.m. and landed at Dover about 8:45 the following morning.

  1. Craig says: December 5, 20079:48 am

    What the…? Why did he go at night? And did he lose his shirt on the way?

    This is exactly the sort of photo that should be put into those write-a-photo-caption contests.

  2. Myles Rempel says: December 5, 200712:51 pm

    Who is congratulating him – his Dad, the reporter, or the town drunk sleeping by the waterfront?

  3. Blurgle says: December 6, 20072:45 am

    Shortly afterwards, the guy on the right woke up and swore never to have pepperoni pizza before bedtime again.

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