FRIGOMAT (Aug, 1957)

FRIGOMAT cools liquid as it is pumped from bottle into glass. The plastic German device fits any type beverage bottle. It was unveiled at Frankfurt International Fair.

  1. Mike Brisendine says: December 5, 20075:11 am

    This was a breakthrough invention until NASA developed ice cubes three years later. lol

  2. Bob says: December 5, 20076:02 am

    Ice cubes, wonderful invention, automatically dilute your drink. Unlike this that doesn’t dilute your drink.

  3. mrchurchill109 says: December 5, 20078:47 am

    Cute idea – basically a small portable application of coil-type liquid coolers.

    The innards of this thing are likely a cheap siphon pump and a coil of tubing. Insert ice, pump drink from A to B through tube, drink gets cold.

  4. Blurgle says: December 5, 20075:35 pm

    So, Mike, you’re assuming that everyone in Germany in 1957 owned a refrigerator with a freezer? At a time when a significant percentage of the German population was still living in temporary shelters because their homes had been levelled?


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