Front Drive Auto Travels 110 m.p.h. (Dec, 1936)

Front Drive Auto Travels 110 m.p.h.

DESIGNED to serve as an example of artistic and functional design as well as mechanical ability, a newly developed auto attains a speed of 110 m.p.h., and is said to travel 30 miles on a gallon of gasoline. It was designed by Benjamin F. Harris III, an industrial engineer in Chicago, Ill.

Three years time was required to construct the car which incorporates many novel features. It is equipped with a front drive transmission and has independently sprung rear wheels. Fully retractable headlights and an exhaust aperture built into the body reduce air resistance.

The power plant is a specially built V-8, geared engine equipped with two carburetors. The auto weighs 1,500 pounds and is 12 feet long, 5 feet wide. With a wheel base of 86 inches, the wheel tread is 50 inches. The auto has remotely controlled filler caps and concealed hood latches and locks.

  1. Des says: November 10, 201112:02 pm

    Good article about the car on this website:

  2. Hirudinea says: November 10, 20112:14 pm

    In ’36 this was pretty hot.

  3. Toronto says: November 10, 20117:23 pm

    The windscreen is clunky, but overall it is quite a nice design. Rather Pininesque.

  4. john says: January 18, 201210:19 am

    Does anybody know anybody else which has a copy of this magazine for sale?

    Would like to purchase the magazine or a good copy of the Harris article.

    Home of the 1935 Harris fwd Speedster

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