Wow, that is a really long hood.


Now comes the season for rain, sleet, ice, snow; slippery streets and frozen ruts. The handling of a motor car under these adverse conditions is safer, steering is easier, and control is surer, when you are at the wheel of a Cord front-drive.

A year ago this claim was challenged by some who wanted to wait for proof of front-drive’s superiority. Today this proof is abundant and conclusive. The exclusive advantages of the Cord are being enjoyed in every part of the nation. Front-drive success is so complete and unqualified that the Cord has immediately become the standard of value among fine cars.

The advantages found only in the Cord can be summed up in one statement—a Cord does all the things any other fine car can do, with less driver effort, with greater riding comfort, with better roadability and with greater safety.

There are three ways you can verify this claim: Ask Cord owners who have had six to twelve months9 experience; drive the Cord yourself and compare it with any other fine car; study its structural difference and mechanical excellence. You will learn that the Cord has a lower center of gravity; that there is less tendency to tip or lean on turns; that the rear wheels do not bounce around but follow in a true manner; that there is no inclination to side-sway over cobble stones and chuck holes; that the car always wants to go the way you aim it; that the front wheels lift up, tractor-like, out of ruts; that it holds the road much better, due to a minimum of unsprung weight in the rear; and that you enjoy a new kind of comfort possible only when you ride in a car and not on it.


  1. Tracy B says: December 18, 20093:43 pm

    The hood is long to fit an inline engine plus a transmission/differential with the engine and transmission inboard of the front axle. Later cars used Vee engines which were shorter and the engine was placed over the front axle. Transverse mounted engines that are so popular today were years in the future.

    Of course Cord could have tried the system used in Audi, where the engine overhangs the front axle.

  2. Toronto says: December 19, 20096:16 pm

    Man, if I had $3000 1930 dollars, a time machine, and a massive zip-lock bag, I know what I’d buy myself for Christmas!

  3. Jari says: December 19, 20097:46 pm

    Hmm… reminds me of a Scrooge McDuck’s car with reeeally long bonnet, which he (=chauffeur) rear ended Donald’s car…

  4. Jerry says: January 11, 201011:21 am

    One of the amusing novelties of Cords was that the transmission was in front of the engine, necessitating a very long shift-lever connection that went over the engine. The end of the shift lever was a knob that came out of the dashboard, similar to the shift levers on a Citroën 2CV.

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