FROZEN STIFF? (Nov, 1979)


It’s 10° outside … Even getting colder. So you bundle up in layers and layers of heavy clothes. First with long underwear … then bulky, restrictive thermalwear on top.

Oh, you were warm, all right. Like in a Turkish bath. Because you began to perspire from all your activity. And perspiring in that mountain of clothes is like perspiring in a plastic bag! The perspiration is locked in. So there you are. Wet and miserable. But now, at last, Damart has solved the problem. Because Damart invented underwear that keeps you warm, dry and comfortable no matter how cold it is or how long you stay out. Underwear that’s soft and light so you can move easily. Underwear knitted to let the perspiration evaporate through so you always stay warm and dry next to your skin.

Damart does this with a new miracle fabric—Thermolactyl. No other underwear does this! You can wear Damart indoors too, and turn your thermostat into the 60’s. You’ll feel perfectly comfortable and enjoy dramatic savings in home heating costs.

Damart will be supplying The 1980 U.S. Winter Olympic Team with Thermolactyl underwear! Damart is so comfortable that the Mt. Everest climbing expedition wears it. So does the Chicago Bears Football Club, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Our free catalog tells the full Damart Thermolactyl story and displays the whole Damart line for men and women, including tall sizes. Send for your FREE copy now!


DAMART, INC. Dept. 11809 1811 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, N.H. 03805

  1. StanFlouride says: June 12, 20088:44 am

    No, I’m just happy to see you.

  2. Anonymous (of course) says: June 14, 20089:55 am

    This “technology” is underestimated in fighting the energy crisis. I managed to get through the winter in this clothing without heating the house at all, and still feeling very comfortable. This saved me hundreds of dollars. No, nobody knows, and when I had visitors I turned the heating on….

  3. Blurgle says: June 15, 20082:39 pm

    I’d like to see you try that in Winnipeg…

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