Full Size Airplane Made of Soap (Apr, 1934)

I have just one question: Why?

Full Size Airplane Made of Soap

A FULL size monoplane built entirely of soap was the feature attraction at a recent soap manufacturers’ exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Wings, fuselage, landing gear, propeller —everything is covered with plates of soap.

  1. woid says: October 26, 20078:22 am

    The plan was to make the soap from my family.

  2. glindsey says: October 26, 20078:41 am

    everything is covered with plates of soap

    Well then, it isn’t built entirely of soap, now, is it?

  3. Thundercat says: October 26, 20079:22 am

    I’m guessing that the aircraft is not certified for IFR flight.

  4. Eli says: October 26, 20079:49 am

    This is the most ambitious prison escape scheme I’ve ever seen.

  5. SpaceMonkeyX says: October 26, 200712:18 pm

    Why? For the same reasons people build life-size Lego models: 1) Because they are creative individuals who use ingenuity to design and build such fantastic objects 2) I’m sure they got paid for it.

  6. Chainsaw Fencing Champ says: October 26, 20077:25 pm

    >>…best prison escape…

    Somebody make that movie so I can watch it please.

  7. woid says: October 27, 200712:38 am

    In “Take the Money and Run” Woody Allen’s character attempts a prison break with a gun whittled out of soap.

    But it rains…

  8. Firebrand38 says: October 27, 20076:35 am

    By the way, woid.. http://www.jewishvirtua…

  9. Mike Brisendine says: October 27, 200711:37 am

    If it’s Ivory Soap the plane would float. I guess it would make a good seaplane.

  10. nlpnt says: October 27, 20078:01 pm

    Yeah, but only for a little while!

  11. Timothy says: March 12, 200812:49 pm

    why??? can you say tax write off??? one good way to get your airplane and not pay for it…

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